Frequently Asked Questions


Donation Receipt

If you gave on our website, you would have been sent a receipt to the email address you gave us. Check your junk mail if you don’t see it within an hour. If you need us to send another receipt, please contact us here!

If you gave at an event by dipping your card in the DipJar click here and follow the easy instructions! Thank you!


What brands do you print on?
T-shirts are primarily printed on American Apparel and are 100% ethically manufactured and printed in the USA and Guatemala. The other products are sourced from a variety other brands all selected based on ethical manufacturing.

How should I care for my shirts? Will they shrink?
Although they are pre-shrunk, the best way to care for your shirts is to turn them inside out and machine or hand wash them on cold. Since all of the shirts have some percentage of cotton, they will tend to shrink a little after being washed and dried. For the least shrinkage, dry on low or hang dry.

Do you print your own products?
No. We focus on design and leave the printing to the experts.


What does it mean when you say you give 100% of my donation to the cause?
Great question! This means that literally 100% of your funds go directly towards the cause we promote and the Impact Kit that we send you to show you the difference you've made.

Do you take clothing donations?
Unfortunately, we cannot at this time. Thank you for your heart in thinking to ask!

Will you come speak at my school/concert/church/backyard?
We would love to be a part of your event! For serious booking inquiries, please have an official representative from your organization contact us at  We look forward to talking with you!

Still have other questions?
For additional information about us, please email Kristin at