Global Neighbors Hat

Global Neighbors Hat


Loving your neighbor has revolutionary implications when you believe that you live in a global neighborhood. That’s what this head hugger is all about. Paying homage to the classic dad-style hat, this six-paneled unisex cap is constructed with 100% white chino cotton and an antiqued brass side-buckle to adjust for the perfect comfort fit for your noggin. It’s embroidered by our midwest pals out on the Nebraskan plains. As always, our products are proudly sweatshop free and come with no hassle exchanges. Just give us a shout if it’s anything less than awesome for you. See Return Policy // See Size Chart


Showing the word “Neighbor” in all the languages of the countries we’ve worked in as a way to symbolize that our call to “love our neighbor” crosses streets and also seas. Spanish (Vecinos) for Mexico, Nicaragua, and Guatemala. English for our work to fight homelessness in the United States. Swahili (Majirani) for our brothers and sisters in Kenya, Africa. Creole (Vwazen) for our work in that precious and dear island of Haiti. Finally, Hindi (पड़ोसी) for our work to rehabilitate our sisters who escaped the sex trafficking industry in India.

Profits from this product will fund our operating costs and help us grow.

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